photographer / visual artist

Anna Neubauer is a photographer and visual artist based in London. Anna discovered her love for visual storytelling in 2012 by creating self-portraits to find her inner self and bring the surreal world of her imagination to life. She loves working with people of all abilities for editorial and commercial clients and travels around the globe for projects.

Anna’s work has been featured in international publications and media like The Today Show, and she is known for creating dreamy images with lots of love for details using her childhood dreams as source of inspiration.

Recent publications include work for Harper's Bazaar Brasil Kids, Getty Images, 500px, Kid's Wear Magazine, author Margaret O’Hair, Ivy Magazine, Topshop Personal Shopping, Hooligans Magazine, Bloom Twins for Spotify, Bambini Magazine, Pulse Spikes Magazine, Halycon Kids Magazine, Vanity Teen, Kaltblut Magazine, Buzzfeed Australia, and more.

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